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KONE Office Flow is a modular, connected solution that adapts with the needs of your building and its users, providing smooth people flow with touch-free access and personalized user experiences that make office environments more attractive and efficient.

Man walking through turnstiles

Enjoy smooth and personalized access

Provide touch-free access for tenants and visitors without compromising security.

Woman waiting for elevator

Differentiate with an enhanced user experience

Take advantage of visually appealing, user-friendly design to increase convenience and optimize people flow.

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Adapt to evolving needs

Maximize the lifetime value of your building and ensure it can adapt to tenants' changing needs.

Key benefits

Woman walking through turnstiles

Employees and visitors

Easy access and a smooth journey around the building

  • Touch-free access with predictive elevator call – even without access cards
  • Advanced guidance to destination via smartphone and wall-mounted screens
  • Faster, smoother journeys with less waiting
People in a meeting

Building owners, developers, and architects

Boost your building’s lifetime value with a unique, modular offering

  • Enhance the tenant and visitor experience through optimized people flow and an enhanced user experience
  • Prepare for the future with a modular solution that adapts to your decision-making journey
  • Create unique solutions for your building with enhanced integration capabilities
Man on computer

Facility managers

Create an attractive, efficient working environment

  • Improve the tenant and visitor experience with smart, personalized, user-friendly solutions
  • Benefit from easy integrations and avoid the need to manage overlapping systems
  • Take advantage of real-time monitoring and service to minimize disruptions to building services and people flow

KONE Office Flow solutions

KONE Office Flow solutions can be customized to match the needs of your building and upgraded with new experiences over time.



KONE Lane is a state-of-the-art turnstile solution which brings together the latest in space efficient design and advanced sensor technology to help ensure smooth, secure people flow in modern office environments.

Woman on phone outside the office

KONE Mobile experience

A smartphone app with predictive elevator call and access for employees and visitors. KONE Mobile Experience elegantly combines information on people’s position, access rights, and preferred destination floors.

Key scanning device

KONE Destination

A destination control solution that combines distinctive design, touch-free access, and intuitive guidance for passengers. People with similar destinations are safely grouped together in the same elevator, with less crowding. This significantly increases convenience, reduces travel times, and facilitates physical distancing which can be properly maintained.

Man walking through turnstiles

KONE Access

A built-in access control system that enables touch-free access for elevators and turnstiles without compromising security. KONE Access can be easily integrated with the building’s access control system to simplify management.

What does KONE Office Flow include?

Kone Mobile experience

Enjoy enhanced convenience with predictive elevator call and effortless access.

Easy visitor management

Send invites and access keys via your smartphone and receive notifications when visitors arrive.

Optimized People Flow

Boost elevator system capacity, cut waiting times, and improve comfort with advanced destination control.

Easy integration

Ensure smooth integrations in your building via cloud-based and on-site APIs.

Advanced guidance

Help people reach their destination faster and easier with clear, effective guidance provided via user-friendly devices.

Distinctive design

Create a first impression that lasts with destination control devices built from high-quality and durable materials.


Update and fine-tune your building's user experience and people flow to meet evolving demands without costly retrofits.

Rock-solid security

Keep your data safe with secured site and cloud interfaces.

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